SALA Panel Proposals for MLA 2018

Dear SALA Members and Friends:

Greetings! I am writing to introduce myself as the new secretary of SALA and to let you know that it is time for us to start planning for MLA 2018, which will be held from Jan 4-7 in New York City. As an allied organization, SALA is allowed one guaranteed session and one non-guaranteed session at MLA. We invite SALA members to propose panels for consideration by the SALA Executive Committee. The Executive Committee reviews all proposals, accepts two as its sponsored panels, and determines which one shall be the guaranteed session and which one the non-guaranteed/special session. Additionally, SALA may also propose a collaborative panel with an MLA Discussion group—this collaboration is organized by the Executive Committee, with suggestions from members, and the call for papers for this panel will be posted on the MLA site by early February. Here are SALA’s dates and deadlines based on the MLA’s calendar for the 2018 Convention:

  • Jan 31: Panel proposals must be submitted to the Secretary of SALA, Pallavi Rastogi, by email ( Panel proposers submit a brief proposal (2 pages max) explaining the topic and the rationale for proposing the panel. Coordinators are encouraged to linked their proposals to the presidential theme of the MLA 2018 convention: #statesofinsecurity. Please include a brief biography (1 paragraph) of the panel proposer. The coordinator should also provide a brief 35 word cfp for submitting to MLA. Note the MLA guidelines here: calls for papers on the website must be limited to thirty-five words, including the title of the session but not counting the name and address of the person placing the announcement. The MLA reserves the right to edit calls for papers submitted to the website.
  • Feb 15: The SALA Secretary will communicate the Executive Committee’s decision to those who submitted proposals. (If your proposal is not selected by SALA, you can still propose it as a special session to the MLA and follow their guidelines to do so.)
  • Feb 28: Deadline to submit proposals to the MLA.
  • Feb 16 to March 15, 2016: Panel coordinator will actively solicit submissions of paper proposals, review submissions, and prepare program copy per MLA guidelines.
  • March 15. Panel coordinators will provide a program copy to the Secretary of SALA. The program copy should include the following per MLA guidelines: A proposal for a special session must be complete to receive proper consideration. It should include (1) the title of the session, (2) a thorough description of and an intellectual rationale for the topic, (3) the names of the session leader and the panelists who will participate and their professional titles and institutions, and (4) complete program copy that includes paper or presentation titles, names of participants, and only one affiliation per person. Please also include any AV needs at this time.
  • April 1: The SALA Secretary will upload the program copy by April 1, the MLA deadline. For the MLA policies on panel proposals, see

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