Welcome to the South Asian Literary Association

The South Asian Literary Association’s executive committee extends its deepest sympathies to all our sisters and brothers who have been affected by the recent earthquakes in Nepal and the surrounding region this year on April 25 (7.8 magnitude) and May 12 (7.3 magnitude), with their continuing aftershocks and devastation. We grieve the many thousands of lives lost, along with the many homes and structures that were damaged or destroyed. SALA offers our support and solidarity to the suffering and needy who are striving to survive, heal, recover, and rebuild during this challenging time.

With that in mind, SALA is encouraging the giving of monetary donations to the ongoing relief efforts, both long-term and immediate. Read more of SALA President Dr. Moumin Quazi’s statement…


The South Asian Literary Association, or SALA, promotes knowledge of, and scholarly interest in, the languages, cultures, and literatures of South Asia and the South Asian diaspora.

Membership in the Association is open to all individuals and libraries, institutions, and organizations interested in South Asian literature, culture, languages, and philosophy, as well as in comparative studies.

SALA is an Allied Organization of the Modern Language Association, and holds its annual meeting concurrently at the MLA Convention host city.